WEBmover Tips & Tricks
As a fixed size display, the WEBmover Interface offers many advantages.

Once the screen size is set, and the WEBmover App is opened, the toolbar buttons and scroll bars are always in the same place for rapid access and use.

WEBmover recommends that you set your monitor resolution to 1024x768 or greater. You can adjust the zoom view through the SETTINGS on most browsers. For quick access, simply hold down the CTRL Key and press the plus or minus keys to adjust the view.

When using WEBmover, try the OPTIMIZE button [OK to close the remaining underlying window]. This allows WEBmover to operate within a smaller window and eliminates unneeded browser toolbars, (or Press F11) and then, to adjust the Zoom View, simply hold the Ctrl Key down, and press the +/- keys to adjust the view.

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