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6 ~ Leftist Liberal Progressive Hypocrisy

By Jackson Benne

If you read some of the Left Wing blogs, you may notice how misdirected the thinking process of the Leftist / Liberal / Progressive constituency is. For instance, the Left constantly repeats that the Bush policies of eight years are fully responsible for our current economic situation.  In spite of 911 and having to fight al-Qaeda and other world wide terrorist activities, Bush and the Republicans still managed to keep the federal deficits in a range between 150-400 Billion annually. (It was actually about $169 Billion just prior to the Democrats taking over Congress in January 2007.) That is still a lot, but compare that to present day Obama who has amassed an annual deficit of 1.65 Trillion. The leftists who screamed at Bush now seem to think that Obama's deficit spending is OK? Ask a Leftist / Liberal / Progressive to explain that? Any reasonable mathematician or observer knows that the Obama Liberal excessive spending is unsustainable as well as indefensible.


The unprecedented taking from Americans and ever increasing spending is also the major reason that the economy is stalled, and will be until Obama and the Democrats are no longer in office where they seem to be causing more damage to the economy daily.


Please let any Leftist try to justify the enormous scope of Obama's excessive spending. They can't. They can only resort to platitudes and name-calling, and try to paint the Conservatives as extremists, which is the exact opposite of the truth. There is nothing extreme about trying to be fiscally responsible.


Obama constantly promotes Conservative sounding ideas, because that's what the people want to hear. The problem is that he does the exact opposite with his Liberal actions. (i.e. He repeatedly talks of deficit reduction while implementing even more spending programs.) It is a vicious cycle, as many in our population do like the government handouts, the entitlement spending, etc., that is in part responsible for our weak economy.


Under Bush, the unemployment rate was down to a full employment level of 4.5% - 4.7%. With Obama the unemployment level is now up at 9.2% and, in excess of 15,000,000 people are out of work. The real rate according to some analysts is greater than 20 Million unemployed. Because of the uncertainty of the ObamaDems policies and regulations, business people, the real drivers of the economy are hesitant to hire new workers.


The economy started to go off the track starting with the November '06 elections that put the Democrats in full control of the Congress, the purse strings, and the powerful committees that they have used to solidify their power. With their newfound power, and while Bush was still President, the Democrat elites began a spending spree that had been theretofore unprecedented. Based on their usual demagoguery, they persuaded the Lame Duck Bush to agree to their demands while they allowed him to still support some of his pet programs. Even the way the government conducts business is broken, because it is all or nothing. The President should have line-item veto authority, unless you have a rogue occupant of the WH as is the current condition. (SSA)


The Government Sponsored Entities (GSE's) like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae continued to erode the economy and were championed by the Left, and run by their puppets like long-time leftists Franklin Raines, and Jamie Gorlick, placed there by Clinton, and supported by none-other than Rep. Barney Frank and Sen. Christopher Dodd, who left congress in disgrace. Unless you have been living under a rock financially, you should know that the collapse of the said GSE's precipitated and was a primary cause to the meltdown of the Financial Markets, which caused a major deterioration of world markets. Also, Hank Paulson, a Democrat was the Treasury Secretary at the time of the financial collapse. He persuaded Bush to spend the TARP Funds, which was another Seven Hundred Billion Dollar Expense voted for by Obama as Senator and rejected by most Republicans. Even though Obama voted for it, Obama considers that $700 Billion to be a debt that he inherited from Bush. (disingenuous at best)


Since Obama's inauguration, the markets have been further eroded by a lack in confidence in Obama's policies. Starting with the failed Trillion Dollar Stimulus, which came with a promise of millions of new jobs to be "saved or created", (a terminological joke) the unemployment rate has continued to increase for over two and one-half years. As stated, most business people, who are the drivers of economic growth have lost faith in Obama and his advisor's. Many of said advisor's have left the administration, as they are now confirmed to have promoted failed policies.


The granddaddy of Obama's false promises is, of course, the one-sided health care legislation pushed by Democrats only, (no single Republican vote or amendment allowed) to unconstitutionally mandate Government control over 1/6th of the country's economy by controlling all aspects of our national health care.  Like most other government bureaucracies', the sheer size of the enterprise and government ineptness will doom ObamaCare to failure. ObamaCare has already failed Constitutional Court challenges, but still needs to be addressed by the Supreme Court for a final resolution. We surely cannot afford another Trillion plus Dollar experiment while we are trying to survive in a global business slowdown.


The current hypocrisy in Washington DC over the budget and debt ceiling mess is creating so much grief for the population that the government is supposed to support, most Americans now believe that Obama is not the solution, but that he and the extreme policies of the Democrat Congress are the problem. As such, it is expected that the economy will probably not gain any significant traction until Lame Duck Obama and most Democrats are gone from office.


Another troubling aspect of Liberal Governmental Control, is that they rely on the most uneducated and uninformed among us for their support by promising to give these under-educated folks freebies, which is all at the expense of the working class taxpayers in the Country.


Copyright © 2011 Jackson Benne

Leftist Liberal Progressive Hypocrisy

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