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Educate and Inform

by Jackson Benne 28. July 2011 11:37

National Freedom Alliance desires to  celebrate and promote the Principles that our Country was founded on concerning liberty and peaceful coexistence among our disparate group of citizens.  We aim to educate and inform the general population and particularly the next generation on these age old constitutional ideals presented by our forefathers.  The current youthful generation seems to have been hypnotized into thinking that the governments purpose is to provide for their every desire.


NFA  believes that the purpose of a fair and sane government is primarily to provide for the national defense of its citizens, and not to be a society that encourages otherwise capable people of  becoming fully dependent on the government without encouraging them to become productive citizens.  By doing this, the government  autocrats are stealing their ideals and their lives.


NFA also believes that the current government has grown too big and too powerful and is damaging the Country in the process.  The takers are usurping the producers.  Everyone has heard about the big money deals that are made behind closed doors in Washington DC, and how this practice is hurting our country.  We can't fully stop that, but we can help our citizenry have a better understanding of what is affecting their lives using a unique method of educate and inform.


By promoting education through unique publishing means, such as the use of Social Media and Digital Signage,  NFA hopes to change the thinking of folks that are willing to listen.  We hope to  bring pride in ones country back to where it used to be some 50 years ago after WWII.  America was a lot less cynical back then and our productive capacity, desire for learning, and enthusiasm could not be beat. 


Now, with the advent of Drugs, Rot & Rollsm, and our defective educational system consisting of mostly intemperate union members with their own agenda in cahoots with politicians, a large portion of our youthful generation have degenerated into what seems like an entire class of indigent followers and outcasts.  (Many of these outcasts  become criminals and destroy their own lives.  Exposure to a  brief bit of sane information and encouragement may have changed that!) The politicians have convinced many of our youngsters that they have been disadvantaged by the successful and the wealthy, and that they need the protection of the government from these so-called evil-doers. This is the equivalent of vote buying orchestrated by the liberal ruling elite.


While our challenge is enormous, NFA needs to attract funding from concerned citizens, so that we may be able to develop plans and educational materials for improving lives.  We plan to distribute such information with modern technology methods such as Social Networking with common sense brief articles and Art advertising through print and Digital Signage Networks, and of course various websites. Those who take the time to review our information will hopefully become better informed citizens with more fulfilling lives.



President complains about Congress, but has no plan of his own.

by Editors 18. July 2011 23:28

July 15, 2011

President Holds Press Conference: “We’re Running Out of Time” to Deal with Debt

President Obama tells reporters: “I’ve got reams of paper and printouts and spreadsheets on my desk, and so we know how we can create a package that solves the deficits and debt for a significant period of time. But in order to do that, we got to get started now.”

The American people have still not seen any “paper” or “printouts” of what specific spending cuts the President supports. The American people have still not seen any “spreadsheets” from the White House to corroborate their claims of having offered a deficit reduction plan.

While it’s long past time for Washington “to get started now” on tackling our debt problems, President Obama has still not proposed a credible budget, and Senate Democrats have still not proposed any budget.

Debt Held by Public = $9.75 trillion

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